I want to say to you,
the things I feel inside.
The things I've tried to hide,
the ones that I deny.

This fire feels cold to me,
and the coals wash over me.
Is this what you mean to me?
Is this what it is to truly feel?

I'm boiling over. Boiling over.

Your plane takes off today.
Returning home today.
I'll find it hard to bear,
the thought of you not there.
My heart grows fonder now,
each longing hour I spare.
It takes a hold of me,
it takes a hold and I truly feel.

I'm boiling over. Boiling over.

Here alone, all the cobwebs fill my home.
I let them be, a tangled mess of emotion that's surrounding me.
It could be, you'll come home to me and save me.
It could be, you'll come home to me and save me.
Hold me close so I'll believe.

Ah, boiling over. Boiling over.


from Courage & the Bear EP, released February 28, 2014
Mike Lachance
Thomas Whipple
David Ramsay
Meg Dagon
Rob McCarthy




Courage & the Bear Framingham, Massachusetts

Courage and the Bear is an Indie / Folk / Pop group from Framingham, MA

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